Ice Blocks!

mojitoIn a first for Cairns, Community Foods brings you all natural and handcrafted Ice Blocks!

Great for people trying to limit sugar intake, as all Ice Blocks! contain less or equal sugar than a ripe banana. Many contain half that and rely entirely on the natural ripeness of the fruit for the sweetness.

Ice Blocks! contain no food additives, no reconstituted juice, no gluten, no glucose syrup, no eggs and no GMO products.

Operating out of New South Wales, the family owned company produces the finest quality, innovative, nutritious, tasty and fun ice blocks, handcrafted from all natural ingredients. Whilst others may hide their ingredients list on the back of their packets, in shame, behind folds and seals, these guys display theirs proudly. For example the Lime & Mint (Mojito) contains organic lime, organic and even a slice of real lime fruit.

Ice Blocks! are divided in two main categories; milk (organic milk or organic milk and cream) and juice (fruit juice, pulp and often slices of real fruit). Juice flavours are vegan friendly and many are free of added sugar. Milk based are (lacto) vegetarian friendly. We operate a seasonal retail menu of eight popular flavours with occasional specials.

You won't get these Ice Blocks! anywhere else in Cairns - so pop by Community Foods on a hot day and treat yourself.