Community Foods moving to Oceana Walk!

We're moving to Oceana Walk!

After 12 years at our Shields Street address, the time has come to move to a new location. We're in the process of moving to our new premises:

Shop 9, 62 Grafton St, Cairns

Our official reopening is on Sunday 1st December 2019 from 9am. We hope you'll join us!


Film Night - as 20th Anniversary celebrations continue

Film, Friends and Festivities during Community Foods 20th Anniversary


Community  Foods continues its 20th Anniversary celebrations with a Film and Friends night at Wharf One Café on Saturday  24 June.

The feature film is SEED: The Untold Story, which follows passionate seed keepers protecting the planet’s 12,000 year-old food legacy. In the last century, 94% of our seed varieties have disappeared. As biotech chemical companies control the majority of our seeds, others such as farmers, scientists, lawyers, and indigenous seed keepers fight an uphill battle to defend the future of our food source.

The film night is a thank you to all customers, suppliers and volunteers who have kept the Co-Op going since its inception at Rustys Markets in 1997, although there a charge for the screening of $10 for volunteers and concession card holders $15 for others.

The evening kicks off with drinks and nibbles at 6pm. The main feature starts at 7.30pm with tickets available on, Community Foods or on the night. A big thanks to Brett and Brynn at End Credits for help with the logistics.

Tricia Gates, a long-standing customer since the late 1990s says the Co-Op deserves to celebrate its longevity.

“Everyone involved over the years, since the Rusty Days to today, deserves a huge high five. Volunteers have kept our food co-op open and our customers have kept it viable.”

The Co-op is inviting anyone who has had anything to do with the shop over the years to come and join the fun. There will be birthday cakes – all made using Co-Op ingredients – on the night, to go with the food and drinks that can be purchased from Wharf One Café.


Successful AGM followed by Barefoot Bowling

Community Foods Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held at Toogood Rd Bowls Club where the neccessary reports were tabled, directors nominated and business concluded within an hour.

This was followed afterwards with barefood bowls.

The Co-op continues its aims to upskill volunteers, try and deliver organic and pesticide-free produce at best prices and always create a warm and inviting atmosphere within the store.

Thinking of getting involved? Email us:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or leave your name at the shop and we'll be in touch.


20 Year Celebrations Kicked Off with Community Dinner

This year marks twenty years in business for Community Foods, and to kick off a year of celebrations, the Co-Op hosted a community dinner at the German Club in Winkworth Street, Bungalow in February, 2017.

The dinner was put together with fresh produce and ingredients from Community Foods’ shop in Shield Street and donated food from Rusty’s Markets. Community Foods volunteers worked alongside Cairns Community Kitchen (CCK) volunteers to cook up a marathon feast.

Tricia Gates, one of the long-serving volunteers with Community Foods said there is much to celebrate.

“We’ve been flying in the face of convention since the beginning, when we were just a stall at Rusty’s Markets. We’ve always tried to fly high with our aims and objectives, and we’ve grown from strength to strength over the years.”

Organisers said the event attracted a record crowd and raised almost $300 for the Co-op, which will go towards further community-based celebrations throughout the year.

If you would like to get involved with Community Foods, just get in touch with us.


Rainforest honey is Back

Those of you who have been awaiting the return of our best-selling rainforest honey can wait no more. It's back!

Due to this year's late Wet Season, and not enough rain when it did rain, the flowers didn't flower, the bees didn't collect pollen and honey wasn't being produced at the usual time of year.

However, the bees got busy once the pollen did start to make an appearance, and Community Foods is again stocking rainforest honey, thanks to the bees kept by beekeeper Robert Martin.

"This is a prime example of global warming in action," says Community Foods Co-Ordinator Peter Reay. "We went through an extended heat wave pattern last year which delayed the start of the Wet Season, and once it did start, we didn't get enough rain to promote anything like real growth and flowering. Plants were just hanging on. Then finally, when the plants did flower, the rain didn't help, because it was making it hard for the bees to collect the pollen they need in order to fill their own hives, let alone produce honey for us."

Peter says add to this the spray drift from agricultural pesticides, and you have a recipe for unhappy bees and even unhappier bee-keepers.

"So all up, we're really pleased to have our rainforest honey, because the story here is not about having honey in the shop, but about having happy bees producing it. 



Skill Up with Community Foods

Upskill Now at Community Foods for Retail Experience

Community Foods is having a volunteer recruitment drive to boost community relations and help upskill anyone interested in learning valuable customer service, retail and sales skills.

Alex Daly, long-term Community Foods volunteer and JCU student, says volunteering at the store has not only taught him about stock rotation and ordering, money handling, point-of-sale operations and food handling, but also given him a strategic insight into production trends and competition, marketing and general small business practices.

“I’ve been volunteering regularly now for two years and I love it. I get to meet a broad range of people from the Cairns community, including many of our international visitors; in fact Community Foods is now a cornerstone of my social life. I highly recommend it.”

Trisha Fox of the Management Committee says new volunteers are eased into the role of sales assistant, and learn all aspects of the running of the shop over time, with two dedicated training sessions from one of the co-op’s founders, Alan Beard.

“We’re keen to welcome new people who share a passion for whole foods with minimum packaging, have a go-getter attitude and are not afraid of learning, working and meeting new and like-minded people. We’re a co-op and we work together. And it’s a lot of fun,” she says.

Anyone interested in volunteering can go to the co-op website: and fill in the on-line form, pop into the shop at 74 Shields Street, just down from Cairns Central, or phone 4041 5335 to make a time to come and in and chat.


Coop Sponsors Bike Tour

For the 4th year in a row, Community Foods is proud to be sponsoring the Far Noth Wildernesss Bike Tour. Community Foods are part of the organic food showcase which will be featured every breakfast on the tour. This mountain biking adventure through the spectacular landscapes of tropical north Queensland is an eight day, fully catered, self-paced bike tour. Riders will explore the beautiful World Heritage listed rainforests, woodlands, waterfalls, and mountains that this region has to offer.

Community Foods will be supplying some of the favorites breakfast foods from our shop; Organic Rolled Oats, Local Tablelands Unheated Light Gum Honey & Organic Deluxe Muesli (38% Fruit, Nuts & Seeds). There are so many wonderful organic breakfast options to choose from if you think the idea of putting on your own "Organic Food Showcase" at your home.

Read more: Coop Sponsors Bike Tour


Unwrapping our new campaign

intouch_katetaniaThat does it...we have had enough of putting single-use food packaging straight from the cupboard into the bin. Australians generate over 2,000kg of waste a year each...and half of that ends up in landfill. Yes, we recycle where we can but there is one step better – don't buy the rubbish in the first place!

In support of this idea, Community Foods will be focusing on ways to use more unpackaged foods. Inspired by a documentary called "No Impact Man", some of our volunteers have lived without purchasing packaged food for over 3 months now.

Read more: Unwrapping our new campaign


Filtered water

We have created another way for you to use less packaging! Our top quality Nikken PiMag filtered water is now available to you. We only ask for a small donation when you bring your own bottle for refilling.


Call for volunteers

We currently have vacancies for volunteers on Tuesday morning, Friday afternoon and Saturdays.  We need people that are interested working with customers to share food knowledge and service.  You will be trained in the workings of a Food Co-operative and will join our team of over 30 volunteers.  If you, or one of your friends are interested in joining the team - please call Community Foods on 4041 5335 to discuss options.  We look forward to meeting you. 


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