The Food Substitute Bible : Great Book for all

If you were ever wondering how to substitute food ingredients for other ingredients that you can eat or have in the cupbard this is the book for you.With more than 5,000 ingedients its an indespensible refernce to find all kinds of substitute ingredients and the precise directions for using them. No more guessing quantities and a great way to make sure your recipes work out right each time. ideal for anyone with food sensitivities, special diets like gluten free, dairy free. Or simply to be more confident when swapping foods over to utilise whats left in your fridge and pantry. By David Joachim it comes highly recommended by a visiting cusotmer who recently found her way to our wee shop.


Home Grown

Our local food showcase hosted at Clever Duck was fabulous. We had a full house with 120 guests. Thanks so much to the talented creative chefs Davy (from Clever Duck) and Craig (from Ochre Restaurant and Catering). We'd also like to thank the farmers who generously gave up their valuable farming time to speak at the lunch. We really enjoyed hearing stories from their lives as farmers.

Thanks to Cairns Regional Council for supporting the event. This event was part of Community Foods Co-op's 'Promoting Local Food Consumption' project, which is supported by Cairns Regional Council's Sustainability Grant.

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Eat Local

Here is a glimpse of the local products that we stock in store:

  • Fresh coconuts (and coconut shredders) supplied by Paul from Speewah
  • Two types of honey from the Coast (Edmonton/Townsville) to the Tablelands (Ravenshoe)
  • Fresh biodynamic eggs, yoghurt and tofu from Mungalli Creek dairy in Milla Milla
  • Scrumptions "Bliss Balls" in four flavours, handmade in Kuranda
  • Mango and banana grown and dried locally

We really enjoy our connection with the farmers that are working so hard to bring us the healthiest and natural food that one can get.  Thank you to them and also thank you to you for supporting them.


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We Love New Volunteers

Is your life looking a bit different next year?  Got some spare time to spend with an energetic and caring group of people? We love volunteers...and we would love to start the new year with some new, fresh faces. 

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2012 is the UN International Year of the Co-operative

The United Nations has declared 2012 the International Year of the Co-operative in recognition of the important contribution co-operatives make worldwide to building community, creating jobs and economic development.  Co-op’s are people-centred business structures that harness the power of people coming together to solve a shared need. A co-operative exists to serve its members, but what makes co-ops unique is that the members are also the owners. We run socially responsible business models.

In celebration of this year we are bringing our two local food co-ops together initially at the garlic harvest.



Solar Grant

We'd like to thank the Queensland Government for supporting our efforts at sourcing renewable energy to run the shop. 

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We love volunteers!

As you know, we love having volunteers! We are currently looking for some long-term commited supporters that could work in the shop for at least 2 hours each week.

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Biodynamic Eggs

Now available!  These eggs are locally farmed in Gordonvale.  We sell large ones by the dozen for $8.75.  You can't get these at Rusty's at the moment, so head across the road and get 'em fresh from our fridge. 

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Organic Rice Malt Syrup

Did you know Community Foods sells Organic Rice Malt Syrup? Rice malt syrup is a versatile and healthy sweetener made from organic brown rice.

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