Unwrapping our new campaign

intouch_katetaniaThat does it...we have had enough of putting single-use food packaging straight from the cupboard into the bin. Australians generate over 2,000kg of waste a year each...and half of that ends up in landfill. Yes, we recycle where we can but there is one step better – don't buy the rubbish in the first place!

In support of this idea, Community Foods will be focusing on ways to use more unpackaged foods. Inspired by a documentary called "No Impact Man", some of our volunteers have lived without purchasing packaged food for over 3 months now.

It has had surprising benefits:

- Virtually no reason to shop at supermarkets anymore

- Extra support for local businesses

- Personal relationships with the butcher, delicatessen and farmer

- No packaging means no processed foods which means no preservatives etc.

...and of course, less trips out to the stinky bin!

So, join in our journey. Watch the Community Foods website here for recipes on preparing yummy, nutritious, packaging free meals. We also have a fun Pinterest board happening with all sorts of suggestions on living without packaging.  Visit it here: http://www.pinterest.com/taniacobham/no-wrapping/  Also, don't forget to bring your jars, bottles and bags into the store to get just the amount of food that you need with the benefit of a 5% discount for your efforts.