Shopping with Awareness at Community Foods

As our awareness of global issues such as climate change, waste generation and genetically modified foods increases, many people are looking for ways to puchase responsibly. Community Foods applies the principles of the "Four R's" so that when you buy healthy, organic, bulk foods with us you know that you are reducing your impact on the planet.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

"All stock must be at least one step towards our vision of sustainable environment and agriculture. We are wanting it to be a balance between a number of ideal factors such as organic, locally sourced, minimally packaged and ethically produced, or have some other redeeming feature that distinguishes it from the polluting economic rationalist mainstream."

How we can help you to shop ethically and environmentally:

  • Select from our extensive range of organic and biodynamic products.
  • Recycled your own jars and bags and fill them up with the exact amount that you need
  • Purchase in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging that is required
  • Paper bags available in store are made from post-consumer recycled paper
  • We get the know many of our suppliers and support wide-spread improvements in production processes

To reward you for supporting our vision, we are offering bulk order, reuse and volunteering discounts.