Volunteers for Community Foods Wanted!

Wanted... Volunteers for anytime to do anything. Please come help support your community in Cairns. Please check out our Volunteering page if you are interested in helping out.

Got a bit of time to spare? Want to do something worthwhile, interesting and rewarding?

Volunteer-Brynn-MathewsThen how about becoming a volunteer with Community Foods?

The Community Foods co-op shop is run almost entirely on volunteer labour. This way we can keep prices as competitive as possible for a small organization that doesn't have the buying power of the big corporations. That's not the only reason for volunteering though. As a co-op volunteer you'll be part of community group made up of a really diverse and interesting group of people who share the common goal of accessing, and making available to all, a wide range of wholesome, organic and sometimes unusual foods.

There are a range of "positions" available for volunteers varying from serving customers to washing bottles.

For futher volunteering details just check out our volunteering page.