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At a time when farmers are really suffering we can help by buying Australian organic oil.

Community Foods stocks high quality organic extra virgin olive oil from an Italian family business based in Leeton New South Wales. The Tocin family have been supplying Community Foods since the late 1990s and they continue to be a source of reliable quality oil.

Have you tried olive oil with Umeboshi plum vinegar over fresh lettuce leaves with a sprinkling of sesame and sunflower seeds? Send us your favourite recipe using olive oil and we'll add it to this website.

One of the co-op's active members was travelling down in NSW and visited the lovely Italian olive farmer we have been purchasing from for about 18 years. His home is situated in Leeton.

AldoHe told stories of how he uses a large oil press in nearby Jerilderie (both these towns are roughly 250km west of Canberra). The person who owns the press has about 400 hectares of olives and exports it all to USA. Aldo has 4 hectares and is certified organic. The organic certification person was actually doing the rounds the very next day, to check his oil press and soil on his farm.

Aldo talked about how they used to get the olives off the trees by hitting them with sticks. That was in the days when he employed 20 people. That has all changed since stricter regulations came in. He'd love to buy a new flash picking machine that shakes the trees, but they cost about $1.8 million! Aldo primarily sells to Melbourne and Sydney suppliers.


Product list: November 2015

Here is our latest product list:




coconut flour

IMG_20131104_183401Organic coconut flour is a delicious, low carbohydrate, high-fibre, grain-free and naturally gluten-free alternative to wheat flour made from fresh organic coconut flesh. A versatile ingredient with a naturally sweet taste suitable for consumption by people who are sensitive to gluten, who are following a paleo or low carbohydrate diet or who simply love the fresh, sweet taste of coconut!

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Coconut: the wonderfood

Coconut provides many health benefits beyond it's nutritional content. Across Asia and the Pacific the coconut palm is highly valued and coconut oil is often considered the cure for all illness. Termed "the Tree of Life" coconut is both food and medicine.

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Buckinis - Caramelised - Activated - Raw - Organic

buckiniiis_CustomWe have a delicious new product in the shop - Caramelised Buckinis. The buckwheat is flavoured with agave, mesquite, maca powder, cinnamon and salt. All ingredients are organic and the buckwheat has been activated. Activating involves soaking the seed, washing then dehydrating. This effectively starts the sprouting process, resulting in a food that is higher in vitamins and minerals while still being a raw product. 

Did you know that buckwheat is actually not a grain at all, but related to the sorrel and rhubard family? So this product is gluten free.

Caramelised buckini is also proudly FairTrade, vegan and low GI.



We have sourced some ethically produced incense from Nepal and Japan. A range of scents can now be found at the co-op, some of which are smokeless.

The Nepalese 'Tibetan Handicrafts' organisation was established by 3 brothers. Their simple operation employs Tibetan refugees. The incense is made with the use of simple machinery. The staff have a good relationship with their employers, and no children are involved in the incense manufacture. This is in contrast with some other incense production in other parts of the world who use child labour. They have also supported a solar research project and a local school. They had set up the school for families so the kids could be educated nearby to their parents. The political instability in Nepal has meant the closure of these projects for the time being. They are also involved in tree planting for paper production.

Another lot of incense is made by a Tibetan herbal practitioner in the Himalayan foothills. This elder runs pretty much runs a one-man show making his tried and tested quality incenses.

The Japanese incense we stock is produced with all the usual labour standards expected in the minority world. These companies are over 300 years old. They do not test on animals.


Product list

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Handcrafted, All Natural Ice Blocks

We are proud to be the first in Cairns to sell "Ice Blocks", a hand-crafted, all natural delicious treat! Ice Blocks contain no colouring, gums, etc. and are entirely additive- and gluten-free. Where possible local and organic ingredients are used. 

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Product Update

What's back in stock and what's new ...

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Mascobado Sugar

Muscobado-SugarOrganic muscobado sugar is nutritionally richer than other brown or refined sugars and retains most of the natural vitamins and minerals found naturally in sugarcane juice such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron.

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