Roasted Peanuts

Peanuts are in fact a legume rather than a nut and one of the most common food allergens. For those who can eat them without problems they are great as a snack eaten out of your hand or sprinkled through a salad, cooked into dishes such as Gado Gado or made into peanut butter.

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Some people who have mild wheat sensitivity can use a little organic wheat with no ill effects compared to the fertilised and pesticide laden variety.

The culprit, gluten is in fact the reason why wheat has become the ubiquitous ingredient in modern food culture - because it sticks together!

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Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds.  It comes in hulled and unhulled varieties, depending on your taste.  For a great source of good fats, minerals and antioxidants Tahini is a very useful addition to cooking.  What's more, it is easier for your body to access the goodness when sesame seeds are ground.

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Wemoon Natural Products

Wemoon Natural Menstrual Pads are a safer, healthier alternative to bleached, synthetic, disposable menstrual products.

They are non-disposable saving you money every month and reducing the environmental impact of production, packaging and disposal of menstruation products.

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Organic Olive Soap

Organic Olive Soap & Shampoo bars are handmade by a Canberran soap maker with over 31 years soap making experience. They use majority Australian certified organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil and cold-pressed coconut and castor oils. Available as natural or with steam-distilled and organic essential oils.

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Quinoa (pronounced keen'wa) is called the mother plant by the Incas and is considered sacred by them. It thrives in cold climates at very high altitudes up to 4000m or more. Archaelogical studies in Ayacucho in Peru discovered a domestic variety of quinoa that has been grown for over 6000 years.

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Chick Peas

Chick peas are extremely versatile and have a nutty flavournot found in other pulses. They are good in salads, dhals, pureed and in beanpots. They are also made into flour and noodles.

They require soaking before cooking and hold their shape and texture throughout long cooking.

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Lentils are one of the most easily digested pulses due to their low percentage of the sugars which cause flatulence. Soaking is not required although an hour's soak in warm water makes them even more easily digested.

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