We have sourced some ethically produced incense from Nepal and Japan. A range of scents can now be found at the co-op, some of which are smokeless.

The Nepalese 'Tibetan Handicrafts' organisation was established by 3 brothers. Their simple operation employs Tibetan refugees. The incense is made with the use of simple machinery. The staff have a good relationship with their employers, and no children are involved in the incense manufacture. This is in contrast with some other incense production in other parts of the world who use child labour. They have also supported a solar research project and a local school. They had set up the school for families so the kids could be educated nearby to their parents. The political instability in Nepal has meant the closure of these projects for the time being. They are also involved in tree planting for paper production.

Another lot of incense is made by a Tibetan herbal practitioner in the Himalayan foothills. This elder runs pretty much runs a one-man show making his tried and tested quality incenses.

The Japanese incense we stock is produced with all the usual labour standards expected in the minority world. These companies are over 300 years old. They do not test on animals.