Organic Olive Soap

Organic Olive Soap & Shampoo bars are handmade by a Canberran soap maker with over 31 years soap making experience. They use majority Australian certified organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil and cold-pressed coconut and castor oils. Available as natural or with steam-distilled and organic essential oils.

The soaps retain their soothing organic glycerine formed in the cold process and are suitable for all types of skin and hair. A tiny amount of shampoo rubbed onto wet hair will make it "spring into life nourished and glossy." The soap and shampoo will not strip the skin or hair of natural oils - no conditioner is needed.

Olive-BranchOrganic Olive Soap and Shampoo do not contain the palm oils, animal by-products, fillers, detergents, colours, scents, bleaches or other chemical additives common to most soaps and shampoos.

The production of palm oil has an impact on rainforests and orangutan habitats. The average 110-gram handcut and bevelled cakes are wrapped in biodegradable cellulose with biodegradable cellulose tape and 100% recycled paper labels.

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