Chick Peas

Chick peas are extremely versatile and have a nutty flavournot found in other pulses. They are good in salads, dhals, pureed and in beanpots. They are also made into flour and noodles.

They require soaking before cooking and hold their shape and texture throughout long cooking.

Chick-PeasChick peas have:

  • protein - about 20g
  • complex carbohydrates - 50g
  • potassium - 800mg
  • niacin - 2.5mg
  • calcium - 140mg
  • riboflavin - 0.05mg
  • iron - 6.4mg
  • thiamine - 0.14mg
  • dietary fibre - 15g
  • carotene - 200ug

Chick peas are a comparatively good source of lecithin andthey also contain the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid. Depending upon the variety, chick peascontain from 2 to 5% oil.

They do not have the high oligosaccharide content of some ofthe other pulses and are therefore more easily digested. The limiting amino acids are methionine and cystineand to a lesser degree, tryptophan. For complete protein value, the limitingamino acids should be supplied from another food source.

See our hommous recipe for a possible use of chick peas.